Everyone loves Minnie Mouse, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of ideas to bring Minnie into just about everything! From party decor and food to clothing and home décor, the ideas are endless. I’ve had the best time rounding up some of my favorite must-have Minnie Mouse Party Ideas. So grab some glitter, a pair of mouse ears and let the Disney magic begin!

#1 Black, white, pink (or red), and polka dots!

Black, white, and pink were are the colors for the party, but the polka dots can’t be forgotten either. Design elements almost always include Minnie’s bow, Minnie’s ears,  polka dots either in white or black.



#2 A gorgeous Minnie Mouse cake

Every party needs a great cake, here’s a couple of bow-topped Minnie Mouse cake that looks awesome!



#3 Minnie Mouse Party Costume

You can make this birthday party best ever by dressing up your little daughter as an adorable Minnie.  (and maybe, request her guests to come in Minnie or Mickey Mouse costumes.)



#4 Minnie Mouse Ears

Instead of the usual party hats, get some Minnie Mouse ears (or Mickey Mouse ears for the boys) and “Mouse” yourself and your guests for the party.



#5 Minnie Mouse Themed Party Treats & Drinks

Loading your table with Minnie Mouse themed treats is a fun and perfect way to keep the party thrilling and interesting. Choose some of the Minnie shaped foods and add them with other dishes and desserts. Add more excitement by tagging the foodstuff with Minnie inspired names.



#6 Minnie Mouse Party Games

Children love to play games, so plan and organize a couple of party games based on Minnie Mouse theme like Pin the Bow on Minnie Mouse or Minnie Mouse Head Pinata.



#7 Themed Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Arrange marvelous Minnie Mouse theme based fun, memorable & fabulous party favors and thank your guests for making your little one’s birthday special.


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