I was looking for ideas for our family New Year’s Eve celebration when I came across this great DIY party backdrop idea – Big Fringe Garlands. This would make a fun backdrop for your party or for a photo booth background. Scroll down below to find the easy step-by-step instructions.







  • Crepe Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Cut the crepe paper in half (you may need a box cutter for this)
  2. Take the roll of crepe paper and with another person’s help, have each person stand at an end and pull until most of the stretch from the paper has been removed.
  3. Fold the paper together.
  4. Begin cutting fringe halfway through the fold, leaving some space in the middle.
  5. Turn the fold over and finish cutting the opposite side of fringe. Be sure to not cut all the way through.
  6. Attach one side to the ceiling and let the other side fall to the ground. Twist the bottom to create twists in the crepe paper.

To view the complete tutorial and other craft ideas, please visit Oh Happy Day.


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